• Festival Headquarters: Covington Trailhead 419 N. New Hampshire Street, 

       (985) 789-7183.

  • Registration hours are Friday from 3- 6 PM and Saturday from 6 – 8 AM.
  • A photo ID must be presented at registration by each invited Artist [and Collaborating Artist].  
  • Each exhibiting Artist must register at the Festival Headquarters before beginning set-up. 
  • Booth set-up starts on Friday at 4:30 PM – and continues on Saturday from 6 - 8 AM.
  • No set-up is allowed before 2:00 PM on Friday.  Set-up must be completed by 8 AM on Saturday.
  • You will receive a Registration Packet at Registration. It contains a vehicle parking pass for driving on Columbia Street for set-up and dismantling. The parking pass will also allow you to park long-term in parking lots designated for Artists.
  • All vehicles must be out of the exhibit area by 8 AM on Saturday.


  • Exhibits must be staffed and ready by 9 AM on Saturday and by 9:30 AM on Sunday.
  • No more than two artists may collaborate on work. A Collaborating Artist contributes substantially to the creation of the artwork.  Both names must be on the application, and both must attend the Festival.
  • All Artists [and Collaborating Artists] must exhibit for the full two days of the Festival and are required to staff their exhibits during Festival hours.  Employees, workers, or others may assist but are not allowed to attend in place of Artists. 
  • Artists [and Collaborating Artists] bear the responsibility for all set-up and security needs for their exhibit.  The Festival is not responsible for loss, damage, or injury of any kind and does not assist with set-up.
  • No pets are allowed before, during, or after the Festival per the Covington Police Department.  No exceptions.
  • All children must be supervised. 
  • The Festival reserves the right, at any time, to adopt, orally or in writing, any additional rule(s) that the Festival deems necessary for the good and welfare of the Festival.  Such additional state (s) shall have the same force and authority as though fully incorporated in this document, i.e., Rules of the Festival, and equally, apply to Artists and Collaborating Artists. Artists [and Collaborating Artists] must comply with all Festival Rules, as well as city, state, and federal laws. Failure to comply may result in the removal of an Artist [and Collaborating Artist] from the Festival with no refund and will jeopardize participation in future festivals.  Actions taken by the Festival in response to an Artist’s failure to comply are within the complete discretion of the Festival


Local TAX information: (1 attachment)

You will find attached the local Tax form that needs to be filled out after the festival.

State TAX information: (NO attachment just link)

Vendors should report sales tax on their normal schedule which may be monthly, quarterly, or annually.